Pokemon Go: A Guide to Getting Started for Beginners

pokemon go
Photo by Darren Mark Domirez

Pokemon Go has taken the world by a storm as the ingenious app tops the most downloaded list on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. While it is being released in America, Australia, Europe and just recently, Asia, everyone wants a to be a part of this groundbreaking movement. Our own team members downloaded the app and started playing as soon as it was available, so that we could write Pokemon Go beginners’ guide to getting started.

Why is Pokemon Go a Hit?

First, a little preface, Pokemon Go is the perfect convergence of past and present. Pokemon may be something new to kids nowadays but for us old timers, Pokemon Go brings back so many touching memories. This is something we can play and talk endlessly about with our kids!

For those of you who’re born after the 90s, Pokemon was founded by Satoshi Tajiri in 1965 and played on a Nintendo console – the Gameboy, and then later on the newer Gameboy Advance and the even newer Gameboy Advance SP. For many, Pokemon was the first real console adventure/RPG game that we had, and there was also the Pokemon cartoon which taught life real life lessons. Pokemon was based on many themes such as heroism, friendship, bravery and justice.

Generations of Pokemon

1st generation: Red & Blue versions, special Yellow version

2nd generation: Gold & Silver versions, special Crystal version

3rd generation: Ruby & Sapphire versions, special Emerald version

4th generation: Diamond & Pearl versions, special Platinum version

5th generation: Black & White versions, sequels Black 2 & White 2 versions

6th generation: X & Y versions

When Pokemon Go was officially announced in 2015, you can imagine how the whole world bated its breath in anticipation of this real life version of Pokemon that doesn’t need a custom console to be played.

How Pokemon Go is the Real Life Version of Pokemon

The Pokemon tale starts with the main character reaching adulthood and that it was time to begin his very own adventure. He had to leave home and start his quest of becoming the very best Pokemon master.

This is exactly what Pokemon Go needs you to do, getting off the couch and out of the house to ‘catch ‘em all’. You literally have to walk/cycle/drive to find new Pokemon or reach checkpoints in the game. Pokemon Go relies on your smart phone’s GPS system to track your every move. Checkpoints like Pokestops and Gyms are set at real landmarks like museums and popular heritage sites. Amusingly, there were some checkpoints which made no sense at all, such as the Pentagon and the White House, which don’t allow phones to be used on tours. Was Niantic hoping the President would play the game too?

Setting Up to Catch ‘Em All

Anyway, our team members set out to play Pokemon Go on the first day on foot, catching Pokemons in our office and nearby. Soon we realized that we’d be catching more Pokemons on a bike, just like Ash in Pokemon. Driving is not a better method, as egg-hatching does not work in speeds higher than 10 miles per hour.

True to our jobs, we started testing which was the best bike for playing Pokemon Go. Our smartphones were mounted on the bikes using bike phone mounts. We also learned from the experienced Pokemon trainer and wore caps to shield ourselves from the sun. We did not, however, wear Ash Ketchum’s cap or place a Pikachu on our bikes, as much as we were tempted to.

Our team member recommended getting a few power banks or portable chargers before heading out too, as the smartphone battery drains really fast with the game and screen on all the time. These you will want to keep in a handy backpack – it doesn’t have to be a green one – together with a tumbler for the trip.

Armed with these gear, we enjoyed Pokemon Go immensely and are filling up our Pokedex while improving our health by cycling more than we ever did (albeit rather slowly).

Our lengthy walkthrough will be coming on the blog shortly.

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